In order to ensure the safety and welfare of the stockholders, directors and officers of the Company during this pandemic, the Board on 22 February 2023 and pursuant to SEC rules approved the 2023 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of the Company to be conducted via online and voting to be in absentia.

Only stockholders of record as at the close of business on 25 May 2023 are entitled to notice, participate and vote at the meeting. The Stock and Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from 26 May 2023 to 19 June 2023.

Stockholders who wish to participate in the meeting must register from 8 am of 1 June 2023 until 5 pm of 13 June 2023 through the ASM registration link below. During the registration, stockholders will be required to provide personal data for verification and validation purposes. The personal data collected, processed and retained by the Company shall be used for purposes of stockholders’ participation in the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. Please see link below for the Privacy Notice of the Company.

Stockholders who have successfully registered will receive an email confirmation. Validation of the information submitted shall be made within three (3) business days from registration. Once validated, stockholders will receive an email directing them to the voting in absentia platform. Stockholders must cast their votes until 5 pm of 16 June 2023. Instructions on how to join the online meeting shall also be sent to the registered email of the stockholders. Please see link below for the detailed instructions and procedures for registration, voting and participation in the meeting.

Stockholders may also opt to submit their proxies. A sample of proxy form can be downloaded at the link below. For a corporation, its proxy form must be accompanied by a corporate secretary’s sworn certification setting the corporate officer’s authority to represent the corporation in the meeting. Proxy forms need not be notarized. Deadline for the submission of proxies is until 5 pm of 16 June 2023 and should be emailed to or submitted to the Office of the Asst. Corporate Secretary at 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong Norte, Quezon City. Proxy forms will be validated on 16 June 2023 at 6 pm.